Filing Fees


A. Estate matters: $125.00

  • Application for Summary Release from Administration
  • Application to Relieve Estate from Administration
  • Application for Authority to Administer Estate
  • Supplemental Application for Ancillary Administration
  • Will for Record Only
  • Tax forms only (NOTE: tax documents for decedent’s with a date of death on/before 01/01/2013)
  • Transcript is excepted (see paragraph B below)

B. Transcript of Estate (filed here from other county): $50.00

C. Petition for Adoption of Minor / Placement proceedings: $300.00

D. Petition for Adoption of Adult: $200.00

E. Application for Registration of Foreign Birth Record: $175.00

F. Complaint (civil actions such as Will Contest, Land Sales, Determination of Heirs, etc.): $200.00

G. Application for Appointment of

  1. Guardian of Minor: $154.00
  2. Guardian of Alleged Incompetent – Emergency Appointment (unless Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency is filed and approved): $154.00
  3. Guardian of Alleged Incompetent – after Emergency Appointment (unless Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency is filed and approved): $0.00
  4. Guardian of Alleged Incompetent – without Emergency Appointment (unless Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency is filed and approved): $154.00
  5. Conservator: $155.00

H. Application for Name Change: $250.00

I. Minor’s Settlement: $100.00 or Minor’s Settlement with Guardian: $164.00

J. Appl. for Approval of Transfer of Structured Settlement Payments: $100.00

K. Trust: $130.00

L. Birth Correction: $100.00

M. Birth Registration: $100.00

N. Inter Vivos Trust – Petition/Application: $100.00

O. Application for Ohio Uniform Transfer to Minors Act: $100.00

P. Application for Deposit of funds for a minor: $100.00

Q. Demand for Jury Trial: $500.00

R. Reopen a case: $100.00

S. Marriage License: $76.00 (cash only)

T. Exceptions to Inventory and Appraisal: $23.00

U. Exceptions to Account: $23.00

V. Filing a claim against an estate: $23.00

W. Entry of Appearance/Answer/pleadings filed by a party: $50.00

X. Certificate of Deposit of Will for Safekeeping: $15.00

Y. Certification of a document (except Letters of Authority): $3.00 (plus copy costs of $0.10/page)

Z. Certificate to Copies: $5.00 (plus copy costs of $0.10/page if Court provides copies)

AA. The Clerk may demand an additional security deposit in any amount up to $150.00 if the initial deposit is insufficient to cover costs already incurred.

BB. Other matters not enumerated: actual costs (R.C. 2101.16)

CC. Fee for any record in excess of 1,500 words (equal to 5 pages) will be $1.00 per page over the first five pages. (R.C. 2101.16A57)

DD. If costs are not paid at the termination of litigation, the Clerk may apply the security deposit of the obligating party to the unpaid costs.

EE. 1. If the costs due exceed the security deposit at the time of the termination of a matter, an Order shall issue to assess costs to the obligating party to be paid in full within thirty (30) days for which execution shall be ordered.

2. A final or distributive account shall not be approved until all court costs have been paid.

FF. The Clerk may file Certificates of Judgment with the Clerk of the Common Pleas Court of this county or any other county against any of the parties for whom costs are due and to collect costs due by any other

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